Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Operasi Spay

Last week, Ms owner finally decided to bring me to the vet to spay me. I over heard she said hope that after spaying me, I will be more "mature" and no more too "sam pat" (busy body). Dunno where she got this theory from.....Anyway this is her 1st step to prepare me to stay with her at her new home in Shah Alam. I think she misses me VERY MUCH (Ms owner: yes, I really do!)

Hey Ms Owner, are u bringing me for a ride?

Where are we going? JT? I missed my JT pal!

As usual, I hate to go to the vet, furthermore I have to stay overnight there! Nightmare :-( After the operation, Ms owner nearly can't recognise me, I look sooooo different (messier coat, waist line drop, watery eyes etc). We went to Pet-n-You last sunday, Groovy owner commented that I look slimmer...hmm, maybe is the stress ler!

Not my favorite place to go

Waiting area

Getting examinate by Dr Sunitha

After the operation, do I look very "chan"?

The Before

The After

I'm so tired, pls give me some rest

Wish me stay healthy & happy always :-)

( annual checkup is due this 20th, I have to go to vet again and take the injection! Aduh!)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Mr & Ms Owner finally got married on the 1st Jan 2008. Congratulations to both of them! May them live happily ever after (don't forget to bring me along ya!) Long Long Nine Nine!