Thursday, August 30, 2007


Happy Independent Day!
Happy Howliday!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

D'handsome Prince's Birthday

Last saturday (25th Aug) my owner came back quite early with mr owner and dress me up with a red collar scarf. Oh! it's handsome prince's b'day pawty tonight! I'm so happy and running up & down waiting for ms & mr owner to get ready.

Money & Prince's pressie

We need to fetch Pacco frm her house. She is wearing a cute little bowtie & it suits her well with her black coat! Nice!

Pacco & her pressie for Prince

Prince pappy draw a brief map for us & only lead us to his house area but not the exact location. Luckily mr owner quite street-smart & use his common sense, finally we managed to reach! :-)

Prince is as handsome as usual.....i think tat day look even more handsome (after his grooming session). He has a nice and soft coat and his is extremely friendly!!! He liked to smell my butt butt which make me feel abit shy shy. But i only want to play with prince, no smell butt butt can ar? He tried to smell Pacco's butt butt also & Pacco seems dun like she ended up bullying the birthday boy!!! (Prince: I don't mind being bully by her....I like her~!)

Ever handsome Prince with his Pappy & Mommy

Prince likes to kacau me o!

Ready for photo

Prince looked so happy with alot of friends & kids playing with & Pacco looked busy with the new environment...we walked around the house & kacau the dogs next door.

Pacco, what are u looking at?

Oh~! looking at girls/boys next door!

How was the food? hmmm.....I was so nervous & end up didn't eat anything in prince's pawty (sorry, not the cake is not nice, i just dun eat in front of stranger...i'm abit shy shy one. dun wan ppl to see me eating) Pacco said the cake was REALLY nice. Hope ms owner will get the recipe from prince's pappy & get mr owner to bake one for me (ms owner is a dummies in kictchen!!!)

No...don't force me...i'm shy to eat in front of ppl!

We all have a fun time at prince's pawty. thanks prince for the food (food for ms & mr owner) & giving me the opportunity to ride on car at night!

Money with Ann, Pacco with Amanda & Prince with Johntim

Happy Birthday Prince!!!

i'm so tired after the event & totally knocked off

on the floor w/o changing Zzzzzzz........

Money is a Gal

My owner has nothing much to do during the weekend so she decided to put on some of her accessories to dress me up. Let's see how it goes....

Pretty gal with hair clip?

Necklace? I think this suit me well ;-)

Am I pretty?

No eye see version 1

no eye see version 2

I still prefer a clean look

Sunday, August 19, 2007

D' Comfy Bed

This is a nice and comfy bed, thanks to Pacco’s owner Amanda who gave me this as her transport fare for sending her back after the jungle trekking...haha my owner charge her quite expensive huh.....

Nice bed

Hmm….i see a lot of food & fruits…… no training, no obedient class, just running & running on a green field…. Hmm…nice dream ZzzzzzZZZzzzzz~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ah Wong~!

Monday night I have a visitor in my house...miss owner pick up this stray dog by the road side...She saw him laying near the bushes between 2 busy roads at Alam Damai traffic junction since last saturday and she STILL see him there on monday night. So she thought of going there and feed him at night when there's less traffic. but when he saw miss owner, he thought tat it's his owner come back to pick him up (guess his owner left him there cause he has a choker chain), he is so happy and jumping up & down & follow miss owner to her car. Miss owner got no choice has to take him back and put him at the back of the house.

I became soo sensitive & defensive because of another dog in the house...hey tat's my territory, how can u simply move in? So i make alot of noise when i smell him outside the kitchen door. miss owner worried i will wake up ms mommy & mr dady & mr bro x 2, she locked me in her room and sleep with me. Oh well,i still make noise coz i wanna go out and keh-poh! (owner: whole night didn't sleep...zombie the next day!)

The next day, miss owner walked ah wong before she send him away to PAWS. i'm so jealous... ms mommy lock me in the toilet & then in the cage again :-( to avoid me keeping contact with Ah-wong

on the way to PAWS

Sniff sniff

Ah-Wong was placed in PAWS, hope he can find a good home....sorry u can't stay with me, i need FULL attention from miss owner, ms mommy, mr daddy mr bro x 2

take care~!!!

Ah-wong in the cage. He knows tat miss owner is leaving him, thus giving her the SAD look TnT

Dogathon UPM 2007

Finally it's a Sunday, it's Dogathon!!! This is my 1st Dogathon....and that morning I woke up by miss owner very very early...around 6am. I still haven't got time to do my big biz and i saw mr owner came to our house d, he was early too. then miss owner drove us was a windy morning & miss owner was so excited as she has the opportunity to go back to her uni & become our tour guide in UPM

we were the first few ppl & dogs arrived for the registration. luckily i still pass the physical examination even i dun like stranger to touch me. we took part in 3 games: the race, master hunt & agility game. best trick? not for me yet, i think i dun have the concentration to learn.

we started of with the race, due to lack of training, we only manage to get 5th place in ladies with small breed category. I said if groovy were to take part, we got no chance to, thank to grooovy too ;-) oh ya, and i managed to see groovy! so handsome..... hope i can learn and dance with him too :-)

getting ready for the race
run run run

then we hang around at petnyou's agility ring and get some tips from Mr Khoo on how to conquer the collapse tunnel & waving poles (i think i need more practice)

hey groovy....why ur eyes always on the ball (photo taken from Amber's website)

later we took part in the master hunt....although i dun like being catch by miss owner, but if i dun see her, i will start worry..mayb tat's the pull factor tat make me take down the fastest in Master Hunt for small breed category (Pacco, we same same)

we didn't have much luck in the throwing games and lucky draw like Amber Mae & Groovy, so i didn't win any bed or cloths or toys. But in the agility game when i saw the equipment, (ahem!) we won the 2nd fastest in small breed category

oh ya, finally i saw Amber Mae dancing, Pacco's jumpin tricks, Scuffy doing their best tricks, i so envy. blame it on miss owner who dun have time to teach me hhmmmppf~~!
me & mr owner watching the Best Trick show

when we reached home, everyone at home was so happy & surprise with me winning so many things....hey dun play play ah...i just dun wan to show true colour only...hehe

me & my first prizes

my forgetful miss owner didn't bring her camera, so end up the best memory only rely on the few photos from her camera.....

i'm completely tired after the whole event.....sleeping with kaki kangkang is one of my best position :-) ZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzz

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I hurt my "lips"

Last week my owner went to this Pantai seafood restaurant @ Kg Kayu Ara to have dinner with her ex-colleagues and came back with 2 BIG Pork Bone (left over from their pork knuckle dish)

It smell so nice until my "air liur" keep running out non-stop. So she gave me one to chew. I spend the whole night, the whole weekend and this week from Monday till yesterday to chew the bone but still can't finish o (Pacco, we small breed take longer time to finish the bone, 6 hours? cannot la)

the left over bone

Yesterday my owner realised that after chewing the bone for so many days, it actually tear off some of my lovely black skin on my upper lip.(owner: take me so long to shot this picture)I still prefer my black lip's colour. Hope it gonna heal fast before Donagthon this Sunday, if not how am I going to tackle guys?

So now only allow to eat greenies, my another favorite...Yum Yum~!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Blue Collar's history

I'm wearing this blue collar which has a history behind it....

The previous owner was my owner's another dog called Ding Dong (Doreamon in cantonese)

She develop a tumor near her armpit which need to be removed but she too old for the operation. So my owner make a difficult decision by putting her to sleep to end her suffering. When Ding Dong left her (Oct 2006), she was 13 years d.

This picture was taken a day before she leaves her forever!

Guess my owner miss her very much that why she wanna me to inherit this collar from Ding Dong. Too bad i'm totally different personality from her but one thing for sure..... i still manage to bring Happiness to every1 in the family! :-)

Cheers and have a good day!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Park oh Park!!!

This weekend was a boring weekend for me....y? cause my owner is working in Karnival Jom Heboh! She has to leave early and come back late. So I missed my juggle trekking and agility training this weekend!

I think my owner feel guilty so she came back early yersterday (ard 4pm) and bring me to the nearest park at Alam Damai! It was at 4pm, still hot & sunny, guess my owner wanna let me run run & run kaw kaw before the Malay crowd come in.

we almost own the park....haha! i run here and there, sniff sniff, poo poo (& let me owner clean up for me), jump over the small see-saw like my hurdle in agility training and run up to the slope and rush down!!! wah, tat feeling ah..... shiok!!!

oh ya, one more thing, there's ponds (with fish) in the park and i get to swim in side...well, for a while. guess my owner is worried i can't swim from "bank to bank" so she pull me back....hey come on, trust me, i can. i'm gonna try it again next time...prove her wrong haha.....