Thursday, November 22, 2007

Busy month for Ms Owner & Mr Owner

Wondering why my blog office been closed for so long? Yeah...cause Ms Owner & Mr Owner are busy preparing theirBIG DAY on the 1st Jan 08, so me home alone.....see? so cham~! TnT

Saturday, November 3, 2007

My 1st Overnight Trip

Thanks to Mr Joran who just started to learn photo shooting. He invited Mr & Mrs Owner as his model for photo shooting in PD this saturday. Of course Ms Owner will not want to leave me alone at home, so she brought me along as well.

Mr & Ms owner were busy in the morning for their wedding preparation, we only reach there around 6pm. If you know me well, then u know that I'm not a very friendly dog, so Mr Owner's friends had a hard time to win my heart.

ooo.....going out to walk walk

morning exercise....squatting + poo poo

nice view

me with nice view

helow? any fish out there...?

why i look so serious...?

because i'm thinking of which boat should i choose to buy...

too many choices...

hmm....this one not bad.... not too big. can get some doggies friends up there tpo have pawty

or mayb i just get a house by the sea..?

or just doing some sea sports? no no!

i prefer sleeping...Zzzzz

sleepy look

hellow? where am I now? lift? what is lift?

too sleepy liao...i kept keh poh the whole night so end up like tat the next day.... i miss home!

mr owner, when can we go back??

me & ms owner at the restaurant.... too bad she is on diet, so no crab for her!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Introduce you to my neighbour

Let me show you my usual walking place, surrounding the housing area that I live.

Getting ready for a walk

Smelling smelling

Something interesting inside?

Posting wth the flowers

Oppsss...step into wrong area! sorry ah~

My usual poo poo area

(don't worry, miss owner will clean up for me)

Introducing neighbour #1: Mr Spotty

Wowow Mr Spotty

#2 : I like him, very cool~!

Never bark at me when I passed by

#3 & #4: This 2 fella very noisy and looks scary too!!!

#5: Miss Chow Chow

#6: Max has moved to my taman?

#7: Another scary neighbour.

I don't like his owner, coz never clean up his poo-poo everytime after walk him.

Not a responsible owner...hppfff~

#8" Another neighbour, I feel so sorry for him

everytime I passed by

His owner like never take care of him.

Look at his flatten ball & his coat. Poor thing!