Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pet n You & Port Dickson

Breeze, sun, sand & beach. My first trip to the beach. Thanks to Pet n You for organizing a one day trip to PD. This is also a trip which I go with miss owner only. Where is mr owner? oh ya, because of last minute plan, usually we can't get him out, mr owner need advance booking, at least 1 week notice ah! I think he is doing BIG business. ok lo, nvm, since this time mr owner not coming along, miss owner has appointed prince pappy, Mr Johntim aka Dr Nutrition to be our unofficial cameraman for this trip. Since he just brought his new Canon EOS 400 D, we kow he wanna show off abit la so i don't mind to become his free model too. ;-)

The trip is not too long, around 1 & half hour from Sg Besi toll. I was pretty excited in the car and keep jumping on miss owner's laps. (No, this time no poo-poo, just plain excited).

I think she did perform some stunt on the highway by driving in "s" way, guess Amanda & Paco enjoy the ride in our car as Amanda is a big fans for F1 (I think she only see leng chai driver in F1), sure she dun mind seeing the car do a little stunt on the road geh.

Once we reach the beach, wow, weather just nice and i was sooo happy seeing the sand and i keep rolling & rolling on it to make myself a sandog. Then, I hear a lound voice coming from one side, yeah, I saw water, wanted to jump in to swim d...but why there's a big pile of water coming to chase me away?? better run...... oh...luckily didn't hit by the scary water (later I know it's a wave). I try few time wanted to go near the water but every time i almost reached the water, I was chased by this pile of water. miss owner beh-tahan seeing me so penakut, she hug me and throw me into the sea....lick lick..yucks......water so salty. better dun drink too much, after lai-sai then miss owner might just leave without me back to KL.

Let me get some sand all over my body first

Amanda the bionic woman

XL size Lala Croft Money Rider

3 musketeers (with miss owner funny eyes)

Together with us, there's 4 JRT: Groovy, Russell, Dookie & Piper, 1 BC: Angel, 2 GRs: Ah Bank & Ah Prince & Pacco de Mongrel. Prince & the JRTs were busy chasing the ball on the beach while me busy playing between water & sand.

The JRT Mafia

Because the beach is not a private beach, every1 are allow to come in. So when I saw this Malay man with motor trying his best to run up the slope to the main road, I try to help him by pulling his pants. Guess he was greeted by me with surprise and I really dunno Muslim in Malaysia are not allow to touch us (they said we are dirty....hmmm why ahhh?????). He was soooo excited? or scared? until he fall down with his motor to the longkang. I wanted to cheer him up so i keep barking at him.....miss owner, mr khoo, fawn, bernard & chan rush to the "crime" scene. The motor was ok but there's some petrol leakage. Later the whole thing was settled when miss owner gave the Malay man a blue colour note. Where was I? I was being scolded & given a detention facing the tree.

Detention Time

Miss owner later release me but keep me on leash to avoid me misbehave in public. So i end up have to swim with the leash on and no freedom like wat others have lo.....

But anyway, overall the experience of swimming in the sea was really nice. I thought of swimming over to the small island but miss owner don't want, I think she don't have the stamina hehe....... I can see Groovy, Dookie, Piper & Russell really enjoy playing ball/frisbee fetching, Angle busy hurdling the small dogs, Bank busy trying to learn a little bit of doggie style so than he can fight with Prince to become handsome GR swimmer while Prince acts like a show dog, allowing the kids patting & playing with him. Pacco, scare of water but busy wondering around the sand & bushes, mayb she wanted to collect some seashell back?

Mission 1: Introduce Bank to sea water

Mission 2: Teach Bacnk how to move his paws

Mission 3: Bank trying to swim but kind of loud,

can u hear the "bong bong bong bong" sound?

Prince: Eh friend, reach the land liao, no need to swim la

Groovy on the beach

Groovy on the surf board

Groovy in the sand (he really talented, apa pun boleh)

Group photo w/o human. Money seems to not able to sit stay with the rest.

So Prince pappy has make some magic and duplicate more Moneys in the photos

Hope we can come back to PD again and I promise I will bring mr owner over and no more being too "friendly" towards stranger :-p

Moeny with leaf hair clips

We leave our paws print on the sand & the sweet memory in our heads.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Busy looking $$$ for Money

Miss owner are quite busy recently until she has no time to visit other doggies blog & update my blog. So i apologize on behalf of her and hope that she can get in front of her notebook soonest to share our story to our friends out there.

Stay tuned! Will be right back very soon!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Day Trip to KKB

Saturday morning we got up quite early as miss owner need to pick up mr owner from bukit subang. owner, faster la. If late none wait for us la

I had a great trip to KKB last saturday with miss & mr owner, JT kaki & new friends from LYN

Can go already or not? hai still haven't close the gate

hang fai D la

When we reach Central Point BU, the PJ kaki already reached and looks like we were the last car. (We went to fill our car's tyres, scare car tak jalan coz we going to pick up 4 humans & 3 dogs in d car). Pacco & Champ & their owners got to sqeeze into miss owner little car. Hope they have a comfortable trip as I only sit on miss owner's lap. Luckily her lap is big & fleshy enough for me to pijak pijak.

Later we the PJ kaki moved to Batu Caves to meet up with Setapak kaki. Batu Caves car park putih putih earn our RM2 parking fees for using their parking just less than 30 mins. Every1 were punctual and no much of waiting time wasted. Good sign!

Waiting at Batu Caves car park

Drivers briefing

Total we have 14 cars and we tailing each other and moved to Ulu Yam trunk road at around 930am. Along the way there's traffic lights, junctions etc which the cars have to pull aside to wait for each other. Alot of calls were made in between to ask :"Where are u now? Which car are u in?..."

Finally we hit the trunk road and dogs in our cars start to get a little tired except Pacco who still standing in the car. Looks like she can't wait to reach or mayb she just wants all the aircon in the car. I was abit tired but on & off still growl at Pacco & Champ just for fun. Hey this is "my" car u know, I can do whatever I like.

The way that we are using was very scenic. We saw some eco-farm resorts and a nice lake. The road is not too winding luckily and finally we managed to reach a very BIG dam (looks like a lake to me) and we turned into a small bumpy road. Along the small road, we can see the orang asli settlement. I thought the Orang Asli stay in the rumah papan but looks like they are getting quite a good benefits from government. Nice surrounding view plus bricks & concrete house. Stress free environment!Thanks to the tax payer!

I think it took us almost 2 hours to reach. After we parked the car, we need to walk abt 10 mins to reach the stream. Every human were carrying a big bags, some with food, fruits & drink while the doggies busy doing their big or small business after stay in the car for 2 hours. Luckily I didn't poo in the car this time. If not sure malu-malu cause got friends in the car..phew!

Getting ready to walk in the waterfall area

Everybody & dogs are so excited when they see the stream. The stream is quite deep for small dog like me so miss owner have to accompany me to swim. But i don't really like it cause it's too many big dog d. I still prefer to swim alone. I keep going back to the bank to look for mr owner. He didn't get into the water coz he said miss owner didn't tell him what to bring, so he didn't bring any spare pants to change wo...haiya! Mr owner left on the bank, jaga the food & be the cameraman for us.

Big dogs like handsome Prince, Amber Mae, Chloe, Faith, Abby, Scuffy & Ginger really enjoy the swimming session in the stream.

Can I have some food pls?

Cameraman shots Cameraman

Proof that Pacco can swim

But most of the time Pacco will hang on to

Amanda like this (See Amanda's standing post so sexy)

Rocky, Ayako & Jiro

Yen: No no, pls don't drag me to swim

Pei Shy: I drive so long to bring u here, don't care, MUST go down

Yen: Fei ah, actually quite shiok one, u wanna come or not?

Money: Prince, you don't smell my butt butt now la

Pacco: Hey dude, concentrate & post. Don't talk!

3 Mustketeers

Throw me to swim again?

Do I look serious while swimming? I think I do

Faith & her firery humon (I mean her hair la)

This beagle really enjoy swimming

Beagel: Can I go down again?

Amber's family

Venus & Sow Fun

Dukee's bro

Gonna rain d

Who is swimming? dog or humon?

Can some1 come and rescue me?

Thanks to the groups of friends in LYN who organize this. We will be back again!

I wanna sleep d, can we go back ka?

Joo Ling, what you gonna do?

Go Champ, show them you can swim!

We miss out one friend. Chan family & his dog Bank. Chan very yau-ying and never reconfirm where & when to meet. He tot we meet up at KKB. So he ended up at Fraser Hill. Sorry la, we can't help, h/p no service there.

Chan: Proof #1

Chan: Proof #2

Bank: See? I said I went to FH

Bank: Hmm....where are the rest ah?

How long I need to wait here?